It’s a golden era of innovation for the food and beverage ingredient industry. With consumers looking for more sustainable, healthier food options, the sector continues to evolve to deliver these trends. Now, manufacturers are offering more ingredients, clear labels, plant-based foods and clean meats to meet demand. Many are also enhancing nutritional value alongside these changes.

These developments were reflected in the Food Ingredients Innovation Awards and the FI Global Startup Innovation Challenge. Food Ingredients Europe hosted these events Dec. 3-5 in Paris. These events allow innovators to connect and discuss new products, current trends and challenges within the industry. Moreover, they showcase 1,700 suppliers and their ingenious ingredients from 65 countries around the world.


European products nearly stole the show at the 2019 FI Europe. For instance, Weishardt, a French producer of pig and fish skin gelatin ingredients, introduced a vegetarian meat substitute with a fibrous and juicy texture. The product was also high in protein and showcased clean labeling, making it an excellent meat alternative for vegetarians.

Micreos, another European company, also presented PhageGuard S, an antimicrobial that targets salmonella in foods like chicken, pork, beef and vegetables. This solution is tasteless and food-safe, allowing consumers to shop confidently.

Kemin Food Technologies also presented solutions to help manufacturers of meat, poultry and fish achieve clearer, cleaner labels for their products. They are especially important to consumers who wish to determine a product’s sustainability by tracing the food’s origins and the techniques behind its growth or production. Kemin shared its portfolio, which specifically catered to consumer demands, with protein manufactures during last month’s event. Its line of solutions included NaterCEASE Dry, BactoCEASE NV and NaturFORT, all of which safely maintain the meat’s colour and flavour while increasing shelf life.


Europe wasn’t the only country to represent at the convention. Several Asian companies specializing in enhanced food quality also made an appearance at the FI Europe convention. For instance, PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo, an Indonesian-based company, introduced its new product, FiberCreme. This multipurpose functional creamer is rich, creamy and tastes like milk, but contains no lactose. It’s also an excellent source of fiber while helping reduce blood sugar and improve the digestive system.

DKSH, a Singaporean brand, also introduced fruit powder with various confectionary applications and typical Japanese citrus taste. In 2017, it also showcased several other innovations at FI India, including soluble dietary fiber, pure cheese powders and natural preservatives.

Ambe Phytoextracts Pvt. Ltd., another Asian manufacturing company located in India, showcased several clinically supported ingredients at last month’s event. One was PhinoraxTM, an Indian pine bark extract loaded with super antioxidant compounds, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

North America

While Europe has hosted the Food Ingredients convention since 1986, North America just launched its own branch last month. This opened the door to the United States and the wider North American market to companies like Acadian Seaplants, which is located in Canada. They supply ingredients derived from cultivated and wild, sustainably harvested seaweeds. Its products also include natural powders produced from hand-harvested and wildcrafted North Atlantic species.

All American Foods, a U.S.-based company, is also making waves with its Pro Mix product line. These ingredients are designed for use in snack foods, dips, entrees, soups, frozen desserts and more. You can use its wide variety of nondairy or dairy cheese powders on popcorn, pasta, nuts and chips. All American Foods also offers powder forms of milk, cream, yogurt, eggs, fat, buttermilk and more. These powders incorporate only the nutrients and functional attributes essential to taste, so consumers can save money without sacrificing quality.


Although Africa hasn’t quite entered the Food Ingredients innovative scene yet, it is launching its own branch of FI this year as part of Africa Food Manufacturing. Similar to FI Europe and North America, the convention will offer a platform for food and beverage solutions from Egypt, North and Central Africa, and other countries around the world. The hosting continent has much to offer. Santis, a Moroccan company, specializes in high-quality botanical extracts and natural antioxidants provided in liquid and powder form.

Transcontinental Egypt also has many different innovative ingredients to offer, but one of the most notable contributors may be InagroTiIba. This dynamic company specializes in food dehydration, specifically herbs, vegetables and fruits, without compromising flavour. The company’s main competitors are Argentina and China, but InagroTiba’s CEO emphasizes the company’s superior standards and absence of additives in its products.

The Future of Food Ingredients

About 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product made with ingredients they know and trust. It’s no wonder the food and beverage industry is making an unprecedented effort to create more sustainable, cleaner, healthier food options. In the coming years, consumers will likely see more clean label products, with sales of these items projected to reach $180 billion this year. Additionally, more countries are bound to join global leaders in the food and beverage industry as they begin their own conventions, networking to create better products for everyone.

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